Leo Löwe


Plaats: Aldrans


I am Leo Löwe 🦁 – a Labrador Magya Vizsla Stafford Mix, 12 (human) years, a fire sign (Sagittarius) and I got my name Lion from happily sleeping in the blazing sunshine as a puppy.

I was out hunting and retrieving game for a few years, followed by a couple of years as a mantrailer for the Tyrolean Water Watch.
That was about the time my human started picking up trash and as I wanted to help, I tagged along and copied what she did too.

Now I no longer want to carry the trash, but I show her where it is and sometimes I still retrieve and carry it for a bit … – I am a sturdy senior now, sometimes a bit stubborn – but I believe I obeyed enough in my life. So there … I can tell you much about how she made me enjoy cleaning up with her – just drop me a message 🐾 😊

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